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    If you wish to change your password, please follow the directions below.

    1. Click the My Account button located to the right of the Search bar. If you are not signed in, you will need to enter your ID and password.

    2. Please select “Password” in the Account Setting page.

    3. Enter in your new password and click Update Password.

    If you wish to change the email you used to register, please follow the directions below.

    1. Click the My Account button located to the right of the Search bar. If you are not signed in, you will need to enter your ID and password.

    2. Please select “Email Address” in the Account Setting page.

    3. You will be asked to sign in again after changing email successfully.

    Even though you update the registered email address, the previous order history will still be reserved if you sign in with the new address.

    If you forget your password, you can go to account page to reset the password.

    If your password and email address are correct, please check the internet connection, enable cookies, enable javascript, and refresh the page. Then please try to sign in again.

    If you are still unable to sign in, please contact Our Customer Service Team.

    My Cases is convenient to use when you have general questions about OverAllCable that are not so urgent. Here you can ask questions regarding your account, orders, after-sale service, technical support, customized products, etc. We will ensure to respond in the quickest time. Once your query is answered, you can check all the details relating to it in the account center and also put forward any further questions you may have.

    OverAllCable will never reveal your account information to any third party. It is recommended that you use a more complicated password when setting the account password, and avoid sharing password information across sites to protect your account security.


    You can customize a product through the product details page or by contacting your account manager. We will do our best to meet the needs of all customers.

    When buying in large quantities, you can receive a discount and save even more. To get a discount either:

    1. Send an email to for a volume discount.

    2. Submit your purchase list on “Contact Us” page. You can view the quote update in your email after 1-2 days.

    Absolutely. As a well-known supplier of cable products, many of our products are not listed on the website. Contact our customer service team or your dedicated account manager. They can help you place an order for the product you need.

    Yes, we provide at least 3 years at least for our products, you can see it in product page for more informations.


    The delay may result from the time required to synchronize payment confirmation between our system and the payment processor’s system. We will deal with the order once remittance is confirmed.

    If you need the product(s) urgently, you can choose different payment methods such as credit card or PayPal which are faster.

    You can track it conveniently in your Account Center or contact your account manager directly for a status update.

    If you have not completed payment for the order, you can click “Cancel Order” in Order Details.

    If you have already paid for it, please contact your account manager immediately to cancel the order and receive a refund. Please note that most orders are automatically transmitted to our warehouse systems to process, therefore it may not always be possible to cancel your order. Your account manager will assist you in this matter.

    Orders containing customized items or other special conditions cannot be canceled once they have entered the “processing” status.

    If you have not completed payment for the order, please cancel the order and place a new one with all of the required items.

    If you have already paid, please contact your account manager to change items for you. You can then place a new order. Changes or modifications can be made to an order as long as it is before shipping has been processed.

    Please make sure you have completed all of the information in the checkout confirmation page.

    An order confirmation email will be sent to you once we have received your order, containing all of your order details.

    If you do not receive an order confirmation email even though you have completed all the steps, please check whether the order exists in your order history in the account center. If not, please contact your account manager for further assistance.

    You can get the invoice for your order in the Order Details page. Or contact your account manager via email to get the invoice for your order.


    We accept Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer.

    Sorry, we do not support this service at this time.

    There are various reasons for the failure of an online payment, such as inaccurate bank card information, payment request rejection by the bank, network connection problems, etc. If this happens, you can re-initiate the purchase process and try again. If you still cannot pay, please contact your account manager for help.

    Overallcable does not store your payment details such as bank cards, credit cards or any other payment information. When you make a payment, the system will only send relevant payment information to the third-party payment platform or bank securely.

    Don’t worry. Please contact the bank to confirm the deduction amount, date, and payee. It would be more helpful if you can offer an image or receipt with this information. Then your account manager will help you check.


    Yes, within the product warranty period, we offer a free maintenance service. If the warranty period has expired, we can still repair it for you, but we will charge a fee case-by-case.

    submit your request through the Product Return Request. Or you can contact your account manager.

    If you simply change your mind or do not need the products, you can submit a return if the item is eligible for 30-day return service.

    We will process the refund immediately after we have received the returned products. Usually, you will receive the refund within 3-5 business days.